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“Fabulous detail lots of common sense about a much misunderstood subject.“



Dr. Elisabeth Davidson

MSc(Paeds), BSc(Chiro), DC, FRCC(Paeds)

“This new webinar by Mike Marinus is by far one of the best I have ever seen. So thorough, detailed, well presented and absolutely everything you need to know about GERD in babies, how to treat and what to say to parents.Well done Mike!! “

This course on Infant GERD is designed to equip you with the knowledge and skills you will need effectively assess, diagnose & manage reflux babies in your practice, and confidently educate exhausted & worried new moms and dads. This knowledge will set you apart as a trusted evidence-based resource that can answer questions with confidence, provide solid intervention and give the right advice at the right time.

First lecture is FREE. No credit card details required.


“I felt that this course was extremely comprehensive, clear and offered both the lay and professional a better understanding of GERD and both the modality and treatment options available.”

Dr. Martin Rosen


“I love the layout and the content.”

Dr. Elisabeth Davidson

MSc(Paeds), BSc(Chiro), DC, FRCC(Paeds)

Dr. Marinus’ layout, presentation style, communication are all superb. Clear, concise and great value. Highly recommended to clinicians who want to up their game in pediatric musculoskeletal care

Dr Marc Bronson


Dr Mike Marinus

M.Tech (Chiro) MScPaeds (UK)

Dr Mike Marinus qualified with an M.Tech in Chiropractic from UJ in 2005 and is currently in private practice in Johannesburg. Family Practice and Paediatrics, in particular, have been special interests that have developed over the last ten years with Dr Marinus completing postgraduate Masters level study in the field of Paediatric Musculoskeletal Health at Bournemouth University.

He is also a founder member of the Paediatric Chiropractic Association of South Africa which was launched in 2016, with a view to improving paediatric education and clinical expertise. He also serves on the Gauteng Infant Mental Health Exco. Dr Marinus has written for many publications over the years on the subjects of: Colic, Reflux, interventions and Chiropractic treatment of Paediatrics. He has been featured on 702 taking Q and A sessions on the subject of Chiropractic Care as well as shows on various other radio stations. He has also been a recurring panellist on ETv’s Great Expectations show as well as Expresso on SABC3. He is currently the host of Connected Paediatrics podcast aimed at paediatric professionals as well as The Easy Baby Podcast with which seeks to make relevant information available to moms and dads as well as giving them practical tips for the first months of their baby’s life.

He has been instrumental in bringing out international lecturers to provide paediatric training to the chiropractic community.

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