Cranial Moulding & Plagiocephaly​ with Cranial Remoulding Specialist, Yovanka Torrente

By Dr Mike Marinus, MScPaeds (UK), M.Tech (Chiro) – June 19, 2020

Available as a replay by popular demand! Cranial Moulding & Plagiocephaly​ with Cranial Remoulding Specialist, Yovanka Torrente​:

Here’s a some of the audience comments & questions:

In government hospitals, what department does one refer babies with craniostosis to ? plastics, paeds or neuro? These babies don't get seen to easily
At what age are helmets no longer effective?
any studies done about bone density? some kids seem to have such a hard head, they can lie on their back at all times, no change in shape of skull, and some babies seem to have a soft skull and easily change shape of head with positioning...
For mild cases.. what is your professional opinion on the use of the doughnut shaped plagiocephaly pillows? Gimmick or helpful? What is the ideal age to introduce this if you do think that it can be useful?
Yovanka you are always so informative and always happy to share your knowledge., I learn something new every time. Thank you so much

Yovanka Torrente talks to us about cranial moudling in infants, plagiocephaly and treatment options.

Yovanka studied podiatric medicine first before transitioning into medical orthotics and prosthetics. She obtained her honors in Medical Orthotics and Prosthetics in 2017

Yovanka has a special interest in Paediatrics. A Cranial Remoulding Specialist, with keen interest in paediatric patients that present with Neurodevelopmental delays, gait abnormalities, genetic rarities and conditions such as cerebral palsy and Spina Bifida. Having completed 4 years of service in the Government sector, she ventured into private practice in 2017 with the clear goal of providing evidence-based practices to the private community and working within the Paediatric field. She is currently the only practitioner in Africa that is certified and accredited to provide American FDA approved Cranial Remoulding Orthotics and Post Surgical Helmets.

Having successfully treated over 100 babies with Remoulding orthotics she believes in incorporating a multidisciplinary approach in treating patients.