November 19, 2020

MM: Can you give us an idea of what Elimination Communication is, and how caregivers might practice it? GJ: Elimination Communication refers to the gentle, nurturing response of a caregiver to a baby’s needs to eliminate (that is, pee and poo). You might also hear of Elimination Communication as EC, Natural Infant Hygiene, infant-potty training, […]

July 26, 2020


June 19, 2020

Available as a replay by popular demand! Cranial Moulding & Plagiocephaly​ with Cranial Remoulding Specialist, Yovanka Torrente​: Here’s a some of the audience comments & questions: Yovanka Torrente talks to us about cranial moudling in infants, plagiocephaly and treatment options. Yovanka studied podiatric medicine first before transitioning into medical orthotics and prosthetics. She obtained her honors […]

May 22, 2020

What do breastfeeding moms need to know during the pandemic? Sr Samantha Crompton gets Mike Marinus from the Pediatric Network up to speed on the latest research around: COVID-19 in breastmilk, hygiene practice for breastfeeding moms, and what to do if you’re too ill to breastfeed. 

May 22, 2020

A summary of the data regarding COVID-19 and children so far (18 May 2020). This is important information for all health care providers in the pediatric space. Link to the full article with references:

May 14, 2020

From the Gaimh SA podcast: “Dr Ramdin speaks to us from quarantine. She explains the effects of infective disease on the family unit, how to make sure young people are coping and why children are being relatively spared by COVID-19.”